COVID-19: Trouble in your bubble? #CatchYourself

Le Va is preventing violence within our communities during these challenging times.

While physical safety, hygiene and health are currently being addressed during New Zealand’s unprecedented lockdown to reduce the spread of Covid-19, Le Va recognises that there is also a need to focus on some of the longer-term social issues that may arise during the period of isolation, such as violence and mental distress.

In response to addressing the potential for violence in our homes while in isolation, Le Va has developed a new educational online campaign – Trouble in the bubble? #CatchYourself which was launched March 31.

“We aim to equip families with culturally appropriate knowledge and skills to maintain respectful relationships whilst in isolation. We are doing this by providing a suite of practical resources and information on how people can manage their frustration or anger and maintain respectful relationships. The campaign will promote these resources via social media,” Le Va chief executive, Denise Uluave said.

What does ‘Trouble in the bubble? #CatchYourself’ mean?

“With the lockdown, many people will find themselves feeling irritable, frustrated, anxious or worried. These are normal reactions to a very abnormal situation that all New Zealanders are facing together. We may even get angry with the people that we are living with and unfortunately, this can lead to extreme violence in some families.”

So how do we stop things from getting out of hand? How do we maintain respectful relationships in our bubble?

That’s where #CatchYourself comes in. It’s based on psychological interventions, known to work:

Step 1: #Catch yourself – Stop – know your triggers and warning signs

Step 2: Take a step back – Breathe

Step 3: Calm the mind – Think before you act

Step 4: Act with respect – Be kind and focus on maintaining respectful relationships

Le Va believes that solutions lie within our communities, and in these heightened times, in our own families.

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Here is @Tj Taotua – a highly talented singer-songwriter on the need to #CatchYourself to respect your bubble.

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Published on: 1 April 2020