‘Here to help u’ – Over 20,000 people supported

‘Here to help u’ – a collaborative solution developed during NZ’s first lockdown. It’s the fast and easy way to request free wellbeing and social support.

“Here to help u’ is a secure digital system the public can have full confidence in. It’s an extremely valuable tool that will elevate the work of the very dedicated community sector during COVID-19, and beyond.”

This transformational tool is the result of 100’s of community providers uniting to create one doorway and portal to co-ordinate support and help to the community.

Here to help u’ (www.heretohelpu.nz) is the place to go for free wellbeing and social support during lockdown. No barriers, no judgement, and no stress. Go online 24/7 to submit a help request. It’s super easy! For those without online access, you can freephone 0800 568 273 and leave a message.

People and whānau can request help across one or many categories. These include food parcels, prepared meals, mental health support, employment support, budgeting and financial support, safe social connection, pick up and drop off, general support.

The ‘Here to help u’ team is ready to help people, whānau, and the community in Hamilton, South Waikato, Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty. It’s the place people can rely on to get the support they need – especially during times of need, crisis or lockdown.

Published on: 27 August 2021